About APAC Section

Gopi Krishnan with FCI-APAC logo

The Fédération Cynologique Internationale (FCI) is a World Canine Organization comprising of 90 member countries.

The FCI APAC Section was formed in 2009 as the fifth section of the FCI. Historically the FCI divided their member countries into distinct Geographical Sections, so that the needs of these countries in similar geographical locations could be met in a more personal way and members within a particular section could work more closely and cohesively to promote the statutes of the FCI. The formation of the sections gave the Main Board of the FCI a more comprehensive and detailed understanding of the activities and needs of each section through direct contact with the Section Board of Directors, represented by the section President. The Directors of each section are elected from the various NCO’s represented in each geographical section.

Prior to the formation of the FCI APAC Section, the Asian Kennel Union, run and headquartered by the Japanese Kennel Club, essentially took the role of the FCI APAC in this Asian region. With more Asian countries becoming Full and Associate members of the FCI, as well as a growing number Contract Partners joining, the Main Board of the FCI felt the time was right in 2009 to form the FCI APAC Section, which is the only officially recognized body representing the FCI in the Asia-Pacific region.

The FCI APAC Section exists to serve the needs of all member countries in all matters canine. As official representatives of the FCI, we uphold and promote the statues of the FCI in all things canine. The FCI APAC Section seeks to unite and foster a spirit of camaraderie and goodwill in all things canine amongst member countries in this section. For it is only through working together and learning from one another that we can truly promote the welfare of our four legged friends.

The FCI APAC Sections seeks to unite and work together with the various NCO’s to promote a multitude of canine activities for all members, through the formation of various Commissions to look into the specific interest areas. These commissions are officially sanctioned by the FCI APAC Board and are there to serve the NCO’s and their members. We are and will always be the only officially recognized canine body of the FCI to continue the proud heritage of our organization which was formed in 1911 and to this day remains the leading global canine organization uniting the largest number of NCO’s under one roof.